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Reduce Your Workload by 95%*

We will reduce your offices dashboard-related workload by approximately 95%. We will handle goes/no goes, homecare, missed or late scans, and messages from patients. We'll take care of it for more hours of the week and with quicker attention times than your team can (take us up on our free dashboard audit so you can see your real numbers compared to our benchmarks). Any messages sent to your office will be assigned to designated individuals - based on your preferences - in a very clear concise way as they view their daily to-do list. Your office will only be involved when your involvement is absolutely necessary

* Approximation based upon current customer subjective opinion.

We Handle All Goes, No Goes, and Poor Hygiene

Our team expertly manages patient  "go" and "no-go" messages, and  poor hygiene alerts. Remote Response ensures timely, precise feedback, streamlining your practice’s workflow - all without your involvement.

We Handle All Messages From Patients

No more wasting your best team members' time on answering patient messages. Remote Response takes over all patient communications, providing better interaction, quicker response times and clear messages to keep your practice running smoothly and your patients happy.

We Keep Track of Late and Missed Scans

Our workflow tracks late and missed scans so you don't have to. Remote Response ensures timely follow-ups, helping you maintain efficient patient monitoring and better overall care.

Unlock the True Potential of DentalMonitoring

Are you leveraging DentalMonitoring to its fullest potential?

In just two minutes, Dr. Glenn Krieger shares how integrating Remote Response revolutionized his orthodontic practice. Discover how to free up your valuable team members, enhance efficiency, and boost profitability—all while reducing stress.

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