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Your Better & Less Expensive Option.

At Remote Response, we are your outsourced dashboard monitoring solution. Our dedicated remote monitoring specialists go through more rigorous training than any other dashboard monitors on the planet. Our onboarding team is an extra set of eyes and experience to make sure that DentalMonitoring is something that helps your practice in so many ways and yet you'll never need to think about it. We do it for more hours of the week, at less cost, and greater proficiency than any in-office dashboard monitor. 

Don't Let Your Customer Service Suffer.

One of the benefits of DentalMonitoring is a dashboard where patients can communicate fully without texts, emails, or phone calls - enabling you to have less administrative team members. Most offices do not respond to dashboard messages after hours or in a timely fashion (this is where one of our complimentary dashboard audits could uncover your response data.) So, patients get frustrated and ultimately choose other ways to contact your office, creating inefficiency for you and a poor customer service outcome for your practice and reputation

We monitor continuously for 15 hours per day, Monday through Friday, with faster response times than any in-office team. 

You also don't have to worry about sick days, days off, or most holidays because our remote monitoring specialists always have you covered. 

DashPro Temp Will  Cover Your Office for Vacations,Emergencies & Maternity Leave.

It's no surprise to any business owner that reliable, continuous employment of team members is a challenge in today's HR environment. Team members often come and go, take extended leaves of absence, or change positions within the office. Times like those - and extended vacation closures of the office - can leave your dashboard unattended and your patients without timely monitoring. Remote Response has a special plug and play solution for continuous dashboard monitoring on short notice when you need it. 

DentalMonitoring with Remote Response​ is Your Best Solution.

For Current DentalMonitoring Users:

Unlock the full potential of DentalMonitoring with Remote Response. Our highly trained specialists ensure seamless integration, over 50% faster patient response times*, and 75 hours of weekly coverage means better patient care, a better customer experience, and better practice growth. Streamline your operations without the need for additional training or hiring.

For New or Future DentalMonitoring Users:

Planning to adopt DentalMonitoring? Remote Response is your partner to simplify the integration and onboarding process. We will help your team adopt some of the best and easiest practices to make your DentalMonitoring as stress free and productive as possible. It's just one more set of resources to make your integration of DentalMonitoring as seamless and enjoyable as possible. We know that if your team is happy during onboarding, you will have far better effectiveness of your DentalMonitoring program. 

*Based upon actual Remote Response user data.

Savings and Key Features

Almost Half the Cost of a Team Member

Imagine freeing up your team to focus on critical tasks while increasing your practice’s capacity and revenue. With Remote Response, you can do just that at a fraction of the cost without the burden of state and federal taxes, days off, and all of the other costs- and drama associated with hiring another team member. Avoid the added expense of having existing or additional team members monitor dashboards when Remote Response is your smart, economical solution. Grow your practice efficiently without the burden of additional staffing costs.

What You Get

You'll receive 75 hours per week of personalized dashboard monitoring by our certified Remote Monitoring Specialists. Our specialists typically respond within minutes, ensuring prompt attention to your patient's needs. We respond through your own dashboard so, to your patients, we are simply an extension of your office. You'll get better customer service and less HR headaches, all without worrying if your patients are being taken care of. Our goal is for you to have world-class monitoring without ever giving it a second thought.


Reduce Your Workload by 95%*

We will reduce your offices dashboard-related workload by approximately 95%. We will handle goes/no goes, homecare, missed or late scans, and messages from patients. We'll take care of it for more hours of the week and with quicker attention times than your team can (take us up on our free dashboard audit so you can see your real numbers compared to our benchmarks). Any messages sent to your office will be assigned to designated individuals - based on your preferences - in a very clear concise way as they view their daily to-do list. Your office will only be involved when your involvement is absolutely necessary

* Approximation based upon current customer subjective opinion.


Remote Response in Numbers


Faster Response Times


Hours Per Week of Continuous Coverage


Your Estimated Reduction in Cost over In-House Monitoring 


Number of Patients Currently Being Monitored 

† Based on industry averages for a full-time employee

Mondays Should be Fun Days

Every office that uses any form of remote monitoring knows that the backlog of evening messages can create a logjam when your team gets back in the office on Monday morning. Because our remote monitoring specialists are monitoring your dashboard until 7PM (PST) Friday night and from 7AM (EST) on Monday morning, your team can ease into their workweek knowing that your patients are taken care of.

We know from the data we've collected that most team members are not monitoring after hours or on days off so patients who message on those days often express a frustration due to delayed response times. While our eventual goal is 24/7 monitoring for all offices, right now our 75 hours of weekly continuous monitoring is the industry's gold standard. 

Why Aren't You Getting Started?

Click the button below and take the first step to making your practice more profitable and lower stress.

Click the button below and take the first step to making your practice more profitable and lower stress.

We Handle All Goes, No Goes, and Poor Hygiene

Our team expertly manages patient  "go" and "no-go" messages, and  poor hygiene alerts. Remote Response ensures timely, precise feedback, streamlining your practice’s workflow - all without your involvement.

We Handle All Messages From Patients

No more wasting your best team members' time on answering patient messages. Remote Response takes over all patient communications, providing better interaction, quicker response times and clear messages to keep your practice running smoothly and your patients happy.

We Keep Track of Late and Missed Scans

Our workflow tracks late and missed scans so you don't have to. Remote Response ensures timely follow-ups, helping you maintain efficient patient monitoring and better overall care.

Free Up Your Best Team Members to Work on Your Practice.

By outsourcing oversight of your DentalMonitoring Dashboard, Remote Response frees up your most valuable team members to concentrate on more complicated tasks such as practice growth, direct patient care, leadership and so much more. 


Our "Nothing to Lose Everything to Gain" Guarantee

Try us for 60 days, and if you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund every dollar you've paid. No long-term contracts, come and go as you please, you're not locked in..

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